Faith, Farce, or Fraud?

Of all the religions on Earth you have to give credit to the ones built around the Mayan calendar. They truly are able to ‘believeth all things’. When the Earth and all it’s inhabitants did not end or ‘ascend into the 5th Dimension’ as they predicted, they simply explained that the ‘Company of Heaven’ respected our collective request to delay it. Of course consistency is not important to them so if you prefer you can chose to believe that we and Earth (or Gaia as they call it) did in fact ascend on Dec. 21,2012 and it is only fear that prevents some of us from seeing it; kind of like the ’emperor’s new cloths’. Some things did change after that date; web domain names like ‘The2012Scenario’ had to change ( or be redirected) to something more timely.
Other basic beliefs include things like:
1. The GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) is coming to expose and free us (Soon!) from the evil Cabal which controls all of us from behind the scenes.
2. 9-11 was an inside job by George Bush and others in the Cabal. Ditto for the recent Boston bombings, the tsunami that destroyed the nuclear plant in Japan, etc, etc.
3. We were either descended from or created by members of the Galactic Federation who are made up from races all over the Galaxy.
4. Most of us have lived thousands of lives on this and other planets but we just don’t remember them.
5. There is no Time. Time is an illusion. Which is a pretty funny concept for a religion built around a calendar.
6. You should contribute ( via convenient PayPal button) to these ‘Lightworkers’ who work tirelessly to bring you these truths via channeled messages from GFL members like SaLuSa, Commander Ashtar, Poofness and countless others.

To the true believers waiting for the Mother Ships to appear in the skies, GFL to you. For others, take a look, it can be very entertaining.